Sunday, September 14, 2014

Listen to your heart

          This past week I had all the signs and symptoms of ovulating! I had that twinge of pain on one side, I had some spotting, and my ovulation test was positive! So on Saturday we went in for a confirmation ultrasound thinking that things were actually happening this time... but they weren't. I had no mature follicles, my lining had actually gotten thinner (for which they had no answer), and they didn't know why I had all those symptoms. What it came down to, like it usually does, is that I'm the hard case. Our RE talked about how the next step would be injections and then went on and on about other treatments and IUI'S and IVF, but I didn't really listen. But then I had a revelation... It was okay to stop listening to society- something I should've done long ago. It was time to listen my heart. A heart that has kept saying (as you can read from the beginning of the blog) to begin a family through adoption :-)



  1. It is so hard sometimes to stop and listen to your heart. I'm so glad you did. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Congrats on a new way forward! Our hearts gently tugged us toward adoption from the start too.

  3. Sometimes it is so hard to hear your heart over all the noise around you. Good for you for tuning out the outside noise and listening within.