Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's have fun!

          In our last post I talked about how we are going to really start pursuing adoption, but not for a couple of weeks. When I had my latest breakdown in the parking lot of our RE's office, Skyler insisted that we take a break for a couple of weeks and take some time for ourselves. So that's what we're doing :-) When going through everything that comes with infertility treatments it can be easy to push the needs of your relationship aside because of the focus on trying to have a baby. Skyler has always been my rock and also my protector. He knows when I've reached my limits before I usually do. So to thank him and to get our minds off of having a baby/ adopting a baby for a couple of weeks, we're going to really get into Halloween this year!

         Halloween is Skyler's favorite holiday and he is so excited to decorate this year! Watching him plan his decorations and have fun thinking about how he's going to play with the neighborhood kids is simply adorable! He loves to have fun and I am so excited to see how he passes that fun loving nature down to our kids.

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