Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adoption and Humanity

         As part of our adoption journey we've joined the Adoption Love Link-Up, which can be found at Adoption Love.
        This month, Kristen asked, " How, if at all, has adoption changed your view of humanity (for good or bad)?" This question definitely holds a lot of emotion in it, and has taken me quite some time to think about.
         When I first read this question, I instantly reverted to the hormonal 15 year old who had to learn how to live with a younger adopted sibling with RAD.  If I'm answering as that 15 year old, then my response would be focused on how money driven some adoption agencies seem to be. Research has shown that if a child doesn't have a consistent caregiver for the first six months of their life then they are more likely to have an attachment order. If this is well known information, then why would national and international agencies withhold that information from families? (I know, now, that many agencies provide education on attachment disorders, but when I was 15 I felt that no one wanted to give us the real information my family needed to help my younger sister.) From this perspective, I would say that my view of humanity was negatively impacted. I felt like information was being withheld so that children would be adopted, no matter what the impact would be.
         Now fast forward ten years, and my view of humanity, as it relates to adoption, has definitely changed for the positive. Every night on the news we hear about all these horrible things that happen in our society, but when we decided to share our story, the out pouring of love was simply amazing! The support we've received has shown me how no matter what happens in this crazy world, if we continue to show God's love in all we do, only good things can happen!


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you for joining the link up again. Don't forget to add your blog button on my link-up page. :)

  2. I agree that the outpouring of support for our adoption has also restored my faith in humanity! Thanks for sharing. I will be working on my post to answer the Adoption Love question soon too.